Een zorgzame en inclusieve samenleving

At Mobilab & Care, we want to ensure that everyone’s quality of life is optimal. Finding a full place in society contributes to that quality of life. Caring for one another is therefore one of the central themes within Mobilab & Care.

For example, we focus on community-based care, a strategy to create inclusive and caring neighborhoods. We supervise needs assessments and develop support packages for local councils so that they can carry out relevant analyses themselves in an informed manner and implement neighborhood-oriented care. We also fight loneliness within Mobilab & Care with our research.

Moreover, we want to promote inclusion in society with our expertise. For example, a roadmap was developed to make adult education more accessible to people with intellectual disabilities. The expert network Modem is also committed to inclusion. Their motto is that everyone is entitled to the opportunity to communicate and that in any way they choose.

Mobilab & Care carries out research with and for the target group and in this way makes society more inclusive and caring.