Inclusion of people with disability

With our practice-based scientific research, we are committed to an inclusive society. Throughout our research projects, we actively involve the experience expertise of people with (intellectual) disabilities and their networks.

Our research themes are diverse and range from e-inclusion and inclusive education, work and leisure to the use of technologies such as immersive technology, 3D printed tools, … to achieve maximum participation of everyone with a support and care need.




Jo Daems

Tessa Delien

Bert Bonroy

Wim De Backer

Kirsten Denis

Inge Piedfort



CVO-Inclusief. (2020). Een inclusief CVO. Een CVO opleiding toegankelijk maken voor personen met een verstandelijke beperking. . (J. Daems, Red.) Geel: Thomas More, Mobilab & Care. ESF-project 7122.